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UAE: Demand for 3-month visit visa soars; cost, eligibility, complete information

17 Sep 2023

Agents dealing with the UAE visa have been reportedly saying that the number of tourists visiting Dubai has reached to 25 or 30 a day as many visitors are applying for a UAE tourist visa for almost 3 months and the number of tourists has been gradually increasing with each passing year.

During the pandemic, the visa department of the UAE, decided to discontinue the three month visit visa and in order to bridge the gap, a 60 day visa was introduced. But however, again in the month of May, the three month visit visa was again introduced making all the tourists happy again.

There are several families and travel experts who are of the opinion that spending just a month or two residing with your relatives and loved ones and exploring other attractions in the UAE is just too brief. This is the reason why, the introduction of the 90-day UAE tourist visa has brought a sigh of relief to those desiring an extended stay in the country.

“There are three visa types of single-entry visas i.e., 30, 60, and 90 days, at present.”

These are the tourists who are parents and children of UAE residents; their extended family members; the tourists who would want to spend an extended vacation in the UAE and visitors who would want to explore the country and then settle down for good quality of living in the UAE.

It has also been the same story with someone (anonymous), who recently invited his parents and other close relatives to Dubai on a 3-month tourist visa. As per his statement, “My parents were staying with me here in the country for a very long time, and the memories of Dubai keep bringing them back. Last time when they visited Dubai, they were not satis and left disheartened as they were only on a two-month visa. But however, now when they are back again for the next two months, they are so thrilled and excited to be staying here,” said the person working in Dubai from past so many years.

There is one more instance, where a person named Ruhee, who is on a 3-month visit visit, is happy and pleased to stay for a longer duration with her nephew as she has been grieving the death of a loved one and the trip to the UAE is a boon, which will get her out of this depression. Her Niece stated that we want our aunt to emerge out strong with the situation and leave her past behind, moving ahead in life.

Eligibility for Dubai Tourist Visa

The three-month visas include two categories, according to the visa experts:

“One is a resident sponsoring closed family members and friends by keeping a deposit of atleast Dh1,000,” as per quoted by the visa consultant. He also stated that the person inviting the family members or relatives must draw a minimum salary that ranges between Dh6,000 to Dh8,000.

"The second category welcomes all the tourists through a travel agent who will act as their sponsor. All that is necessary are some photos and copies of their passports.”

Cost of the Dubai Tourist Visa

For the second category, at a cost ranging anywhere between Dh1,400 to Dh1,600, tourists can apply through their travel agent,” as per quoted by the visa expert.

All those people who find it extremely difficult to exit the country for a visa extension, the 90-day visit visa has come as a boon to them as per the visa experts.