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How Multiple visa entry options are making it easier for tourists to extend their trip in the country: Stay Longer while you are in Dubai

15 Sep 2023

Stay Longer while you are on a Dubai Tourist Visa: For all the tourists who wish to have an extended Dubai trip, the more easily available visa options of different types have made it convenient and possible. According to the CEO of Dubai Tourism, the country emirate has been witnessing a high rise in tourist arrivals due to its variety of   global culinary experiences and new attractions.

A top official quoted that, for visitors Dubai assures an excellent and superb visa process that too from its completely global range of visa options intended to serve the purpose of diverse traveller preferences and requirements.

In an interview of Issam Kazim, CEO, Dubai Corporation for Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DCTCM), has been quoted saying, “Dubai is strategically directing its efforts towards developing additional avenues for growth, that eill go way beyond the conventional drivers of visitation, which enclose leisure and business travellers.”

“Through an array of various reforms and regulatory measures these steps have been made possible that has not only created a conducive environment for lasting and extensive involvement within the country but also have significantly reduced entry barriers.”

Golden Visa: To all the talented expatriates and investors, the Dubai government have been granting a Long-term residency of up to 10 years.

5-year multi-entry tourists visa: In UAE, the visa is also for employees working for multinational companies in order to welcome tourists on multiple visits. This provide great advantage to all the international visitors by helping them extend the duration of their stay in the country and it also simplifies the visa application procedure.

"Employees of various multinational companies can also enjoy the benefits of the multiple visa entry process, as it allows them to participate in events, conferences, training programs, exhibitions, and similar activities which are organized by these firms in Dubai."

Benefits of Multiple Visa Entry for Virtual working: One-year virtual working programme allow expatriates who reside in the UAE, as they work remotely from here for foreign based companies which are outside the UAE.

 Retire in Dubai: Eligible applicants who are above 55 years old must be retired and they must meet certain financial criteria in order to enjoy the benefit of the 5-year, renewable visa.

“Dubai's extensive visa offering highlight its firm commitment to strengthen its position as a leading hub for not only tourism but also real estate investments and other business. Moving ahead, these initiatives indicate the most popular gulf country’s role as an international icon of multiculturalism and a global liveability hub” as per quoted by Issam Kazim.

Only-in-Dubai experiences

As the city welcomed a record 8.55 million international tourists from January 2023 to June 2023, commemorating the industry’s best ever first half performance,

Dubai's offerings have grown in line with its ambitious tourism attractive strategy i.e., from global landmarks to impressive architectural marvels, traditional souks, dubai’s popular gold and desert safaris this by creating an unique destination that appeals to various international travellers. Apart from all this .otable experiences, wthere are many other only-in-Dubai experiences which are the Burj Khalifa, the Palm Jumeirah, the Museum of the Future, the Dubai Frame, Deep Dive Dubai, Miracle Garden and Dubai Fitness Challenge, among other tourists attractions.”

So, these are some of the tourist attractions and experiences that visitors will find only here as per listed by the Dubai tourism body’s CEO.

In addition to it, he also stated that visitors keep coming back to Dubai to find new experiences and iconic attractions and also to explore more about the city.

 “While the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library reflects the city's unwavering dedication to knowledge and culture, a symbol of innovation, the Museum of the Future stands as a remarkable architectural masterpiece, reflecting Dubai's forward-looking ethos.”

He also added that the world's deepest swimming pool, the Deep Dive Dubai and Atlantis The Royal, the hospitality landmark contribute to the diverse array of attractions.

Food from around the world

Providing  both residents and visitors a world of culinary experiences, a lot of focus has gone into positioning Dubai as a global gastronomic hub, as per the DCTCM’s CEO, Issam Kazim.

Adding to it, he also said that, “with the launch of the MICHELIN Guide Dubai in June 2022, Dubai's culinary scene received a significant boost. The guide showcases 90 Dubai restaurants, in this year's second edition, a notable rise from the 69 restaurants that are featured in the inaugural edition. Moving further, while several restaurants are recognised in the MENA's 50 Best Restaurants List, two Dubai restaurants have secured spots in The World's 50 Best Restaurants List for 2023. Further enriching the gastronomic landscape, a distinguished fine dining critique brand, named Gault&Millaub, has also entered Dubai's vibrant food scene.”

Since 2019 establishments of as as many as 100 hotels

Establishment of a total 810 hotel and 148,689 rooms were available for tourists and residents in Dubai as of mid-2023. This is a remarkable increase from 714 hotel establishments and 118,345 rooms at the end of H1 2019.

“Ranking among  the world's highest, with a 2.2 per cent increase compared to the same period in H1 2019, Dubai's hotels achieved an average occupancy rate of 78 percent, throughout H1 2023. Since 2019, this achievement stands out, particularly given the concurrent growth of hotel establishments by 13 percent and room capacity by 26 percent.”

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