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UAE Ranked Among the Top 10 Safest Countries in the World

21 Jun 2024

With a large number of skyscrapers, luxury buildings, shopping centers, modernistic roads & public spaces; the United Arab Emirates has emerged as a spectacular modern nation occupying the list of top tourist destination across the globe as it has the second largest mall in the world, the Dubai mall.

Furthermore, the country welcome millions of visitors every year, this nation come across as a beacon of safety in the Middle East due to strict rules and regulations for lawbreakers. Not only this, the UAE also provides all its residents & tourists with a safe environment due to its strong security measures, modern infrastructure & low crime rates.

Index Ranking with regards to Safety

Looking at the detailed information of the security levels across its urban centers, you can get an insights into the safety index ranking by city in the UAE.

Explore a broader perspective of the safest cities in the UAE, as the country is quite well-known for its accountability interms of safety and security.

Why UAE is considered as one of the safest countries in the world?

Lets us look at some of the most important reasons:

  • Low Crime Rates due to Stringent Rules: The United Arab Emirates has some of the strickest rules making the crime rates lowest in the world, the score for which is 13.1 mainly due to being under surveilance. As per the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, the UAE has lowest rates in the world even with regards to homicide.
  • Quality of Life in the United Arab Emirates: The UAE provides high quality of life to all its expats with world-class infrastructure, best healthcare, excellent education, low crime rates leading to exceptional safety & a strong economy. All this makes the nation a heaven for families looking te settle in a secure & developed environment.
  • Rise in Economy in the UAE: With economic prosperity in the UAE due to highly driven robust oil reserves, it has managed to lure foreign investments. Encouraging the UAE to top the list of world's most prosperous nations, this economic boom has contributed greatly in the development of modern infrastructure resulting in a competitive business environment. The nation provides economic security and stability with a rapidly increasing GDP of $527.8 Billion, an efficient governance, high standards of living & low unemployment rates, thus making it the most preferred destination for families, entrepreneurs & professionals to relocate .
  • Job Sector in the UAE: In the UAE, the employment situation is wel-secured & the way of living  is extremely peaceful.  Due to its robust economy, people in search of jobs can avail various opportunities with regards to both skilled and unskilled workers as there are many jobs available.
  • Women Safety in UAE: The UAE has been considered as a top destination for female safety as in the year 2021, Georgetown University study reported 98.5% of women feel extremely safe in Dubai which has been globally recorded as the highest proportion ever. Moving ahead, even for solo female travelers Dubai was ranked as the third safest destination in the year 2022 as according to New World Health survey, serious crimes against women such as rape, physical assaults & trafficking do not even exist in the city.
  • Rules and Regulations for Driving:  Even for driving, the UAE has enforced strict laws such as follow speed limits, always wear seatbelts, refrain from drink and drive & while driving avoid using phones. Ensure that you always carry your registration, license & insurance at hand. Violation of the rules will lead to hefty fines, license suspension or at times imprisonment.

The UAE is an amazing country & is home to over 200 nationalities where more than 80% of residents are expats making the nation unique across the globe. The index score with respect to crime is considered by calculating the overall recorded crimes of that nation taking into account its population & crime levels between 20 – 40 are considered as the lowest.

The index score with regards to safety in the UAE  is 84.55 points with an extremely low crime index score of 15.45. As per reported by the Numbeo Safety Index in the year 2022, for the 10 safest countries in the world, three cities of the UAE are among the world's top ten in which Abu Dhabi has been ranked first, Sharjah 4th, and Dubai featured on 8th position in the world ahead of Zurich and Monaco.

As per reported by the global law and order in the year 2021, the United Arab Emirates was considered as a safer country to walk at night with more than 95% of women residents stating that they can move about in the UAE safely even at night without being petrified in the country.

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