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Perfect Location while Planning to move to Dubai for Indian Expats 2024

18 May 2024

While you are planning to move to a new country, you would always consider safety first apart from many other things. One such place is Dubai, a complete blend of safety, technology, opportunities & so on. Just exploring a country is different & planning to settle is another as your future depends on the choice you make. Out of all the places in the world, Dubai is the best place for Indians who are looking for a suitable country to settle in.

Every year, in search of a better lifestyle, many Indians migrate to Dubai as the country welcome expats warmly from all around the world. Before looking at some of the places for an Indian family to move in let us look at some of the advantages of moving to Dubai.

Maximum Indians choose to live in Dubai majorly due to these reasons:

Firstly, Indians choose Dubai for a better quality of life as compared to many other places in the world. In Dubai, most of the population is that of Indian expatriates & Emiratis are just 15% of the population. Due to which Indians do not miss their home country when they move to Dubai.

Secondly, the distance between India & Dubai is also short & can be reached in 2.5 hours by airways which make Indians feel that they are not that far from their hometown.

From last few years, Dubai is strongly working on to become more of a residential country rather than just being a commercial country. Moreover, the development of more family oriented tourism such as the adventure & theme parks have attracted Indian families to such an extent that they later on plan to relocate to Dubai for better oportunities.

Another major reason of moving to Dubai is the high level of safety the city offers to all its expatriates & tourists due to its strict laws and regulations, making the crime rate extremely low . This is the major reason Dubai has emerged as one of the safest cities to live in the world. Thus, all those planning to shift from India in search of better opportunities, Dubai is the perfect place for them because of its good infrastructure, high standard of living, world-class education system, convenient amenities, earn more and pay no income tax leading to huge savings.

Some of the Top Places to finalize to rent a place for living in Dubai are as follows:

  • Bur Dubai: In order to get away from the state of gloominess, Indians should always choose an area where the majority of the people are from the same community. This is the main tip for living anywhere in the world. In Dubai, Bur Dubai is one such place where maximum people belong to Indian communities. This area comprises of Dubai Creek & Downtown Dubai wherein there are many amazing apartment residences to stay in along with Indian restaurants, shops & stores. Bur Dubai has got better connectivity to other parts of Dubai through metro making it convenient & cheaper to travel for work or other outings. Since Bur Dubai has a bustling environment, it makes Indians feel like home while they are dealing with their homesickness.
  • Dubai Sports City: Another perfect location for Indians to settle in Dubai is the Dubai Sports City which is another high end neighbourhood in Dubai, mostly if you are more into sports. All those who are fitness freak & want a surrounding full of sports clubs, sports academies, gyms & schools  then the Dubai Sports City is a great choice. You will get to explore an array of choices ranging from independent villas to gated communities, simple studio apartments to elite towers. Even those who are on a strict budget can reside here in a bustling neighbourhood  along with great facilities. Dubai is well known for exploring with themes, so it is visible in its structure as properties in Dubai also have themed areas.
  • Mirdif: This historical residential area in Dubai is just few minutes away from Dubai International Airport & is a blend of both Arabian and European ambiance. All those looking for a more private & a quiet zone to settle away from the hustle and bustle of the modern city, this place is just perfect as it is designed to accommodate luxury villas. This township has everything from villas to residential apartments, play areas for kids to international schools, hospitals, supermarkets, etc. As this area is away from most of the tourists attractions, it makes it a more peaceful place to live in Dubai. This place is a perfect example of family-friendly locations for Indian expatriates to reside in Dubai. Although the rental and ownership prices here for properties are too expensive but the locality is among the best areas to invest in a property.
  • International City: This residential complex is located in Al Warsan, comprising of modern studios, one-bedroom apartments & well-appointed residential blocks which aims at providing medium and low income earners with legal and decent housing instead of resorting to illegal villa sharing. The most creative part is that the the residential blocks follow different styles of architecture from all across the globe. This is one of the major reason why you should look forward to explore this place in Dubai. This International City has in store something from every country be it Italy’s traditional decor, France’s elegant ambience, England mirroring traditional London architecture & much more. People from all around the world love this area as it has more modern & international approach.

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