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A Complete Guide to Cancel your Dubai Tourist or Visit Visa

04 Jun 2024

All those who need to cancel their Dubai visa due to any reason can do so without any problem. Tourists should be aware of all the procedures for visa cancellation whether it is related to documentations or cost related.

In this blog, we will provide detailed information about the cancellation of Dubai tourist or visit visa so that all the queries related to the procedure is resolved.

Firstly, we need to understand Dubai Tourist and Visit visa.

Dubai is the most trending destination for a vacation with family and friends irrespective of any age. Depending on the number of days & the purpose of the visit, travellers are required to apply for a Dubai tourist or visit visa. This is how tourist visas are then provided to the visitors for tourism, business visa or meeting family or friends. Depending on the validity of the visa, travellers are then permitted to stay in Dubai for 30 days or more due to these visas.

Cancellation of your Dubai Visa

There might arise some emergency when you suddenly need to cancel your Dubai Visit visa & you need to postpone your Dubai trip. In such cases, you must go through the entire visa cancellation process. Travellers need to completely cancel their visa in a systematic way so that they do not have to go through any issues later while they are travelling to Dubai.

In order to Successfully  Cancel Your Dubai Visa, Travellers need to follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Connect with your Travel Agent or Sponsor: In case you have acquired your Dubai visa from any visa agency or sponsor, you need to quickly get in touch with them without any delay for visa cancellation.
  • Accurate Cancellation Request should be Submitted: In order to begin with your visa cancellation process, you need to visit the immigration office & submit your request to the officials. You are required to present all the documents mandatory for immigration clearance & also make the payment for visa cancellation.
  • Confirmation of Visa Cancellation: Once the procedure has been successfully executed , then only the travellers are likely to receive the confirmation of their visa cancellation from the immigration authorities. Travellers need to keep hold of these records, in case it is required in the future.
  • Important Documents for Dubai Visa Cancellation:
  • Application form for Visa cancellation
  • Original Passport
  • Copy of your visa
  • Any additional documents that the immigration officer may ask

Ensure that all the forms are completely & correctly filled in order to avoid any further delay or obstacles thay may occur during the cancellation procedure.

  • Charges of the Dubai Visa Cancellation: The Dubai Visa cancellation charges are applicable depending on various aspects such as the duration of the visas, types of visas & other additional or sponsoring services offered by your travel agencies or sponsors. It is recommended to always gather all information regarding the visa cancellation procedure or fees from your sponsors or travel agent.

Instructions for Smart & Smooth Visa Cancellation

  • Quick Submission of Visa Cancellation: Travellers are suggested to quickly submit the request for Dubai visit visa cancellation so that any kind of issues can be taken care of without any further delay. Always follow the instructions completely, no matter whether you are dealing with the cancellation process online or offline.
  • Retain all the Records: Travellers are also suggested to maintain all the documents related to the visa cancellation for records in case it is required in the future.

Review your Visa Cancellation Status

  • Go through the Official Website: In order to check your visa cancellation status, you just need to visit the official website. In the UAE, the GDRFA, i.e., the General Directorate of Residency & Foreigners Affairs has an official website wherein you can apply for the procedure of visa cancellation. Once you go through the complete website, search where you need to check the visa cancellation status. Once you are on that section, provide all the mandatory details regarding your passport number, visa application number & other personal details.   Travellers can also contact their visa service provider for the same.
  • Receive Confirmation: After your inquiry has been submitted successfully, only then you will receive a confirmation message. The time taken for the visa cancellation procedure will completely depend on how quickly the application was submitted.

Continuous Follow up: In case you still did not get any update, follow up with the relevant authorities. You can also go through the contact details mentioned on the website regarding the information for visa cancellation.

Confirm whether the Visa is Cancelled in Dubai

Travellers are also suggested to confirm the cancellation of their Dubai visit visa in the following ways:

  • Check  Visa Cancellation Online: The best thing is that in Dubai, General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs offers online services which makes it easy to keep a tab on the status of the visa procedure.
  • Get in Touch with your Visa Service Provider: In certain instances where your sponsors are your family members or friends, contact them to find out about the cancellation status. You can also visit the embassy in your city or the immigration office in Dubai, if you personally want to confirm your Visit visa cancellation. All you have to do is carry all the important ducments required for the procedure.
  • Take Professional Help: It is always advisable to take help of an experienced and reputable visa service provider, if you have any confusion regarding the visa cancellation procedure.
  • Keep a Tab on All Source of Communication: Ensure that you do not miss out on any information forwarded by the immigration authorities regarding the visa cancellation. You may receive an update through any means such as SMS messages, an email or even a letter.

All the above mentioned information will guide you through the complete information regarding the Dubai Visit visa cancellation procedure, so that you do not have to face any issue regarding the same in the future.

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