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Type of Visa you need After Getting Married in United Arab Emirates?

08 Jun 2024

All those who are planning to get married in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), need to acquire all the details about the visa requirement in order to make sure that they do not have to face any issue during their wedding or even after the ceremony.

In this article, we will be looking at how obtaining an appropriate type of visa is essential for a stress-free experience as the UAE has a discrete policy for both residents and non-residents. So, all those couple who are planning to get married in the UAE can understand the entire procedure by going through the below mentioned details.

Different Type of Visa for Married Couples

Resident Visa: Firstly, get a Residence Visa. All across the UAE, one of the partners must obtain a valid residency visa as expats on a visit or a tourist visa can never legally marry in the UAE untill and unless either of them hold a resident visa. Couples who are married will have to provide specific documents in order to acquire a marriage visa, in case either of the partner is a resident of the UAE. If both of the partners are on a visit or a tourist visa & are planning to have a destination wedding in the UAE, then it is important that either of them acquire a a residency visa.

Married Couples need to submit the following documents :

  • Proof of Residency
  • A Valid Emirates ID or Residency Permit
  • NOC or A No Objection certificate from your Employer

Apart from all the documents mentioned above, you are also required to submit a valid marriage certificate from your home country & undergo some medical tests to ensure that you are physically fit to stay in the UAE.

Furthermore, in order to make sure that you have all the essential  documents in order to obtain the required visa, it is often recommended to get in touch with the authorities that are relevant or you can also consult a visa service provider who are professionals.

  • Visitor Visa: In certain instances wherein both of the partners are non-residents of the UAE, then in order to get married in the country, they will have to apply for a visitor visa. This type of visa permits you to reside in the UAE temporarily in order to serve the purpose of getting married.

In order to obtain a Visitor visa, Couples need to provide the following documents:

  • A Passport with a six months validity.
  • A Confirmed Return Ticket
  • Proof of Accommodation in the UAE
  • A Marriage certificate that you have acquired from your home country.

All the couples planning to apply for a visitor visa need to take into consideration that this type of visa for marriage is usually valid for a specific period of time, once the visa expires you are required to leave the country.

Moving ahead, you will have to apply for a residence visa depending on your spouses sponsorship in case if you choose to stay in the UAE after getting married.

For all those married couples who are planning to shift to Dubai can also explore different type of areas wherein they can plan to move keeping in mind safetynor society as per their preference.

Moreover, no matter whatever the type of visa you are planning to acquire, you need to submit an application for marriage.

How to Submit a Marriage Application?

All those couples who are planning to apply for a civil marriage can get it done through one of the ADJD typing centres based in Abu Dhabi or through the ADJD website wherein you can opt for the regular service at approximately AED 300 & within 10 working days your application will be taken into consideration.

After the application has been submitted, depending on the next availability of the court, the couples will be given an appropriate date and time for their wedding ceremony.

In some cases, wherein you are required to speed up with the marriage procedure, you can choose  for the express service for around AED 2,500 wherein your application will be taken care of within one working day & you can opt for a specific time and date for the marriage formalities to be completed as soon as the court resumes.

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