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Exciting Offers & Deals for Abu Dhabi Tour

02 Apr 2024

Attracting tourists from all over the world, UAE's capital city, Abu Dhabi, is known for its unique desert landscapes, wherein you get to explore thrilling desert activities and best adventure of your life, Abu dhabi desert safari, being on the top list of these activities. Tourists can choose according to their preferences as there are various deals for desert activities right from dune buggy riding to camel riding, sand boarding experience to many more each depending on your interest.

From budget-friendly options to premium packages, tourists get a chance to explore Abu Dhabi adventure tour in best possible way as there are variety of deals available.

Mentioned below are some of the Abu Dhabi Package Deals:

  • Premium Packages: It is especially designed for travelers who are looking for a more lavish desert adventure specifically with more upgraded options with a mix of both culture and adventure along with luxury as you get to explore the Abu Dhabi desert and its heritage.
  • Budget-Friendly Packages: This one is designed according to the needs of a cost-conscious traveler, wherein one can explore the Abu Dhabi desert and engage in various desert activities without making a hole in the pocket.
  • Personalized Deals: This type of deals are for those who are looking for luxury experience or for a regular one, tourists are free to customize their desert safari activities accordingly to their preferred choices.
  • Family-Friendly Packages: This type of package is customized keeping in mind both the adults and children in a family, making sure that the activities are enjoyed by all, irrespective of any age group and it serve the purpose of family tour with activities such as sandboarding, camel riding and traditional Bedouin-style dinners under the stars.
  • Group Adventure Deals: This type of deals are customised for larger groups who are keen on exploring thrilling adventures that include various activities that assures memorable and exciting experience.
  • Romantic Adventure Packages: It is especially designed for honeymooners or couples offering them romantic settings with relaxing activities that aims to provide them a different experience which comprises of cultural exploration that revolves around the Abu Dhabi desert, a blend of adventure, relaxation along with a private and cosy dinner set up wherein couples can enjoy the beautiful sunset.
  • Day and Overnight Packages: This type is designed for tourists who are in for day trip and then decide to extend their stay in the desert to explore and get absorbed in the culture of the Abu Dhabi desert, luxury, leisure and other thrilling adventure.
  • Eco-Friendly Packages: This type of deals are designed keeping in mind eco-conscious tourists who are keen on exploring the desert adventure while positively contributing to the local communities anf the environment. As the package promotes eco-tourism and sustainable practices, it comprises of minimal ecological impact and preservation of nature such as visits to conservation areas, wildlife safaris, hiking in natural reserves and bird watching.

All the above mentioned categories of Abu Dhabi tour deals ensures that it cater the needs of every tourist who are keen on exploring the Abu Dhabi desert keeping in mind their interests and requirements.

Desert tours are quickly gaining popularity among tourists who are adventure jerk and are keen on exploring something different from the typical city or beach getaway.

Desert Tours are not only budget friendly but there are various advantages of choosing desert tour offers and they are as follows:

  • Enhanced Experience: Desert tour gives you an insight to the local customs, cuisine and day to day life in the desert along with other thrilling adventure and activities.
  • Cost-Effective Adventures: Tourists can explore desert tour without any financial stress because they are budget friendly as they offer meals, local guides and accommodations which reduces the overall expense.
  • Tranquility: There are people who find peace in desert and all those who are lost and on the route to self discovery can once again discover themselves by exploring the local desert day to day life.

Factors to Consider while choosing the Appropriate Desert  Tour Packages:

  • While choosing the specific desert deal, tourists should take into consideration particular aspects such as the number of people in the group, the time duration, preferences of the adventure activities and how to get best deal according to your needs.
  • It is also advisable to get a clear understanding of what all is included in your package without any last moment confusion.
  • Also be aware about the exclusions along with the inclusions, potential upgrades and additional changes that can come up after you start your desert tour.

Tips for Extending Tour Deals

  • In order to get best deals for your desert tours, plan with proper research and use smart booking strategies such as group discounts, off-season deals and special offers if there are any during your desert tour.
  • Tourists should also be aware that if they want to make the most out of their trip, they should be flexible with the days and timings of their trips in order to enjoy best deals and discounts.
  • Also prepare for your journey ahead of time by buying all inclusive travel insurance, other gear and supplies that will be required during the trip.

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