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Renewal & Extension of UAE Visit Visa And Tourist Visa - 2024

18 Apr 2024

Dubai being the most popular tourist destination because of various reasons that has led to global tourism, it is also preferred by people who are looking forward to extend their business around the world.

In order to make their entry in the UAE easy and smooth, travellers should acquire a visit visa in advance except for citizens of GCC countries comprising of atleast 30 of them who are eligible for a visa on arrival at the airport. Not only this, depending on the validity of visa, they are allowed to stay in the UAE for upto 30 days or 90 days.

UAE Tourist & Visit Visa Extension

Previously, travellers who were interested to extend their stay in the UAE had to mandatorily exit the country in order to process for their visa extension as per the UAE visa rules. But now, from October 2018 onwards, travellers who have already acquired the UAE or the Dubai visa can get their visas extended for upto 30 days 3-4 times.

Another best thing is that the new rule is applicable to all type of UAE evisas such as multiple-entry visa, short term visa and even for 90 days visit visa. The new visa extension rule comes as part of the latest visa reforms implemented by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC), which serve the purpose of travellers transiting through UAE or Dubai, students, divorcees or even widows who want to get their visas extended atleast for a year.

All such alterations have been made by the policies of the UAE government which wants to focus on the strengthening of  the UAE’s ‘Humanity Comes First’ initiatives.

Important Things Travellers should be Aware about Visa Extension Procedure

  • Ensure that you submit your application for visa extension before your existing UAE visa expires, in case you are planning to extend your stay in Dubai.
  • All travellers can now extend their visit visa easily for another 30 days, irrespective of the type of UAE visa you currently acquire.
  • Moreover, there is a grace period of full 10 days, in case if you are unable to get your visas extended before it has expired. After the grace period is over, travellers will be fined of AED 100 per day.
  • If required, travellers can again extend their stay for another 30 days, after the first extension valid for 30 days.
  • The UAE government has permitted all travellers with any visit visa type to make use of this benefit.
  • Employees in the UAE can apply for a new tourist visa without exiting the country, they only have to choose the option of inside country visa change without exit even if their employers or sponsors have cancelled their visa.

Travellers or Type of Visa exempted from the New Visa Extension Rule

  • This rule does not apply to travellers on special entry visas or special mission entry visas which are valid only for 96 hours.
  • It is also not applicable for expats coming from GCC countries.
  • Apart from this, even people who accompany the GCC nationals on their UAE visit are also exempted from this new UAE visa rule.

Documents required for Dubai Visa Extension

The requirement of the documents for UAE or Dubai visa extension remains the same as that of the initial Dubai visa application procedure which are:

  • First & Last page of your Passport copy.
  • Proof of your existing or old visit or tourist Dubai visa.
  • Recent Passport Size photograph with white background.
  • Proof of Return Ticket.
  • Correctly & Completely signed visa extension application form.

What are the Procedures for Dubai Tourist or Visit Visa Extension?

  • The procedure for the extension of Dubai visit visa are easy in comparison to the initial visa approval.
  • You just have to submit all your documents as per requirement & submit to us at online or even offline.
  • We will submit your application to the UAE Immigration Department for further process.
  • Travellers can then collect their new visa as soon as it has been approved without any need to exit the country.

The Fee for Visa Extension

The fee for the UAE Tourist Visa Extension or multiple entry visa extension or the visit visa will cost you around $ 620.00 for regular service & $ 719 for Visa + Travel Insurance.

But however, travellers can extend their trip for only upto 30 days, irrespective of the duration or type of your current visa, even if the application of visa extension has been approved.

For any visa related queries, you are free to contact us at and our expert visa consultants will provide complete & clear guidance accordingly with regards to any Dubai or UAE visit visa queries.