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How to Plan your Dubai Trip on a Budget & Save accordingly ?

29 Mar 2024

Dubai airport is one of the busiest airports in the world and Dubai terminals are the most crowded as tourists and travellers are on full swing either to visit Dubai or when they have a layover flight.

Tourists from across the globe are traveling all the time to Dubai on a visit visa irrespective of whether they are on vacations or not. At times, tourists visit Dubai even for a day when they want to take a connecting flight especially from Dubai Terminal 3, as they want to enjoy the desert but most developed Middle east city Dubai.

People who do not wish to spend huge amount can visit Dubai even for a short period of time and still make the most of it without affecting their budget.

Even though, Dubai is known for its luxury, you can still afford to enjoy your trip if you plan your trip accordingly keeping in mind money saving strategies and taking certain factors into consideration.

Some of the Smart ways to save money on your Dubai trip are:

  • Exploring the city during off season.
  • Booking tickets & accommodations by availing great discounts.
  • Taking public transportation.
  • Enjoying local street food.

For best packages from India to Dubai, you can book your trip through as we will provide you with some of the best budget-friendly itineraries. With smart planning, even if you are on a strict budget, you can still enjoy the glamorous city Dubai and make life time memories with your loved ones.

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Mentioned below are some of the Guidelines to plan an affordable Dubai trip from India:

  • Explore beaches & Parks which are absolutely free.
  • Explore the Gold and Spice Souks.
  • Enjoy Dubai’s some of the most marvellous architecture for free.
  • Try to get discount cards or city passes for various attractions.
  • Instead of expensive cruises, take water taxis.
  • Make maximum use of online apps for discounts on leisure activities and dining.
  • Take part in free cultural events or local festivals in the city.
  • For affordable communication purchase a local sim card.
  • Enjoy benefit from happy hour deals in restaurants and bars.
  • To avail early bird discounts, plan and book activities in advance.

The biggest perk of visiting Dubai is when summer is in full swing as it is economically feasible to visit the most expensive city, Dubai.

The best thing about Dubai is that all the transport system, malls and other buildings are well equipped with the best air-conditioning systems so you will not feel the Dubai heat as compared to what is visible on the temperature scale, even though if it indicates too high.

Coming to accommodation, there are several hotels in Deira that will provide you with good hotels that too at reasonable prices and as it is in old Dubai you will enjoy your stay there. Along with good hotels, you will also find several restaurants that offer best food at reasonable rates and variety of cuisines.

The charm of staying in the old city is different as you get to experience the rich history of Dubai that most people may be unaware of among the latest technology and high-rises and you are also close to Dubai heritage.

Another best reason to stay in Deira is that you are in the center of all the historical places that Dubai is famous for, along  with wandering around different souks such as gold, spice & textile and shopping is the best in the local markets of Deira Dubai wherein you can get some best bargains for almost everything.

So once you start your trip from the Dubai airport, head towards Deira through the Dubai Metro which is the budget friendly option or you can even take a taxi as it is more convenient and it will drop you to your exact location.

One thing that should be on your list is trying different cuisines while in Dubai as there are variety of cuisines from different countries and Arabic traditional food available in Dubai which you will not get anywhere else in the world.

There are many beaches, parks and gardens in the old city wherein you can visit for free and you can even wander around the JBR Walk. Apart from all this, there are several malls in Dubai which are quite famous all around the world, so you can even visit the malls during the day and enjoy quality time as some of the Dubai malls are the most famous in the world. The most popular among them all is the Dubai mall which is the second largest in the world wherein you get to see more than 2000 brands to shop from and various fine dine options so that you can try different cuisines all under one roof. Along with all this, the mall also offers various entertainment and fun activities that one can enjoy with family and friends. So even if is for a day you can have a wonderful time in the Dubai mall during your trip to the city.