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Tourist Places in Dubai that have led to Global Tourism

25 Mar 2024

Tourist Places in Dubai that have led to Global Tourism

Surrounded with latest technology and great innovation, Dubai is quite well known for its distinctive attractions and is also called as the “City of Gold,” as the city has gained momentum not only for all these major reasons but right from the futuristic theme parks, huge shopping malls, immensely build artificial islands and revolutionary skyscrapers, Dubai has emerged as one of the most famous tourist atrractions of the Middle East.

Mentioned below are some of the Major Tourist Attractions in Dubai that has contributed to the Global Tourism in a great way:

  • Burj Khalifa: It is one of the most famous Tourist attractions in Dubai and it should be on every Dubai bucket list as the beautiful structure and the fascinating views  that one can enjoy from this place will create everlasting memories which you will cherish all your life.
  • Dubai Marina: Located along the waterfront in an opulent neighbourhood, the Dubai Marina is surrounded with posh apartments, classy complexes, towering skyscrapers, several fine-dining restaurants and five-star hotels wherein you can wander around and enjoy your dinner with breathtaking skyline and admire the most developed city.
  • Atlantis, The Palm: Another must visit tourist attraction, Hotel Atlantis, The Palm, is located on the edge of the marvellous Palm Jumeirah and is famously known for its magnificent architectureand other spectacular entertainment avenues such as health and beauty spa, fine-dine, etc. Within the hotel is one of the best Dubai waterpark and Aqua venture which will make your trip exciting and adventurous.
  • Green Planet: Another latest addition of entertaining attraction in the city is this indoor tropical rainforest which is both an indoor zoo and garden, divided into four distinct levels i.e., the canopy, the mid story, the floodplain forest, and the forest floor. Tourists who enjoy nature, animals and different species of birds will love this place as it has over 3,000 plants and animals.
  • Dubai Mall and Fountain: This phenomenal one-stop entertainment hub, the Dubai Mall is the place wherein there are the maximum visits of the tourists be it for shopping or entertainment purpose. Apart from all this, the fountain at the entrance of the Dubai mall is quite eye pleasing creating a symphony of three combinations such as water, music and lights.
  • Palm Jumeirah: Another stunning and the most iconic structure worth exploring during your Dubai visit visa is the magnificent Palm Jumeirah, famously known to be visible even from space. Constructed in the middle of the sea, it is one of the best places to spend your evening as it has beautiful spas, resorts, restaurants, boutiques, hotels, etc.
  • Dubai Frame: The first thing you will get to explore on the way from the Dubai International Airport, is a gold colored picture frame standing tall in all its majesty is the most iconic Dubai Frame which plays as a landmark between the old city and the new developed city. From the transparent glass bridge at the top, one can enjoy a jaw-dropping bird’s-eye view of two diverse sides of Dubai and before you exit the building explore the present, past and the future of the city through a 3D screen and visual effects.
  • Ski Dubai: Ski Dubai is an indoor ski resort in the middle of the desert which is quite massive and top the list of Dubai theme parks wherein you can indulge in various snow activities such as skiing, tobogganing, snowboarding, tube slides, zorbing along with keeping yourself warm with the delicious hot chocolate at their Avalanche Cafe. The highlight of the resort is the Penguins show wherein they display cute antics and entertain you with their march as you get to interact with them.
  • Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo: Another most adventurous place to visit on Dubai visit visa is this as it is designed to allow the tourist to come face to face with various  aquatic species creating memorable moments with friends and family. You will be completely mesmerised when several fascinating marine creatures swim all around you.
  • Burj Al Arab: Another most popular Dubai attractions is Burj Al Arab, the sail-shaped hotel which is the talk of the town where you can experience top-notch Emirati luxury and hospitality. It is the only seven-star hotel in the world and is also known as the global icon which is constructed on a private island, well known for its gold interiors, world-class luxury, extravagant suites and beautiful sea views.
  • Miracle Garden: Yet another tourist attraction to enjoy withn friends and family on your UAE tourist visa wherein you will feel as if you have entered into a fantasy land surrounded by colorful flowers and plants that are rare and unusual in a desert city like Dubai.
  • Museum of the Future: Another most famous tourist attraction is the Museum of the Future as it combines both futuristic vision and state-of-the-art technology which provides tourists with amazing experiences of their life. Time and again Dubai has always proved that it is ahead of its time by this beautiful attraction as it displays how it will be in the coming years. So rather than showing past, it focusses on displaying the beautiful future of the world which is quite rare.
  • Sheikh Zayed Road: Another most famous tourist attraction is the Sheikh Zayed Highway which connects all seven emirates and has immensely contributed to the entire tourism experience as it is surrounded by high-rises, iconic landmarks,  serviced apartments, lavish hotels, etc., which will make your drive to this road incredibly beautiful.

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