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Set Up New or Manage Existing Business in Dubai

26 Apr 2024

Among all the middle eastern countries, Dubai has emerged as one of the top global hubs for trading & international business. All those entrepreneurs who are planning to expand their business or set up their new venture, Dubai provide them with the most amazing platform & environment.

For all those interested, Dubai is organising a business event hosted by Glocal Corporate Research & Investigations (GCRI) who are a leading provider of risk management solutions.

This event will give all the entrepreneurs a chance to put forward their ideas and knowledge on the Dubai business landscape. During the interactive sessions of the event, all your queries will be answered by the professionals with first-hand experience of the Dubai business ecosystem.

So what makes Dubai a top spot for global enterprises?

 To begin with, it provides deliberate access to key markets in South Asia, Middle East, Africa & so on. One of the key reason for smooth business process is the advancement in the logistics infrastructure that makes way for the smooth cargo & supply chain operations.

With low taxes, minimal red tape & complete foreign ownership, Dubai provides a business-friendly environment. In order to lure companies engage in top international talent, lifestyle attractions play a major role.

As a global backbone for economic growth, investment & innovation, Dubai strives to build up its position with the help of state-of-the-art facilities and modern infrastructure.

Why Entrepreneurs should look forward to set up their business in Dubai?

There are several reasons to set up your business in Dubai and they are as follows:

  • One of the major reason is that Dubai tops the list of the Diverse Economy & Fastest Growing countries: Dubai is not just about oil, sand & camels anymore but more about ample of opportunities, skyscrapers and so on. The city has risen like a phoenix after the wave of the 2009 recession, as it not only recovered but soaring high focussing on every aspect of trade & tourism.

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  • A Dynamic Legal Landscape: The city is not just about glamour & luxury but also about trade & investment which provide foreign investors various opportunities, thus allowing them foreign ownership of land, stocks & property.

All those who are keen on expanding thier business or set a new business, Dubai is the best opportunity as it is not only welcoming foreign investors but also empowering them.

  • Minimal Tax Burden: Have you ever wondered a place where your business is flourishing and you still do not have to worry about heavy taxes that you are required to pay because of the profit you have earned in their land. Dubai is one such country with minimal import duties. For businesses, Dubai’s tax system is just like finding an oasis in the middle of a desert.

Dubai is like a financial haven wherein you can invest your hard-earned money back and your profits can truly flourish.

  • Dubai’s Free Zones for Businesses serves as A Galaxy of Opportunities: Foreign investors are not just passengers in Dubai’s Free Zones but they are the leaders with complete ownership of their ventures. So, it is the city which provide you with complete authority to not only run the business but also own it.

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  • Modern Infrastructure for Global Businesses: Setting up a new venture in a city blooming in advance technology will guarantee you success as the city is continuously investing. The administration & the officials in the city make sure that the infrastructure not only meets but exceeds global standards. On a bigger note, Dubai is just not about skyscrapers reaching the clouds but also about world-class infrastructure that makes way for different types of trade for entrepreneurs.

So any foreign investor would look forward to set up a business that guarantees profits,  growth and prosperity.

  • Dubai is a Centre of Visionary Leaders & Entrepreneurs: The city did not rely on the golden sand & oil to shape the traditional trading community into a masterpiece of luxury & modern technology but it was the unshakable vision of its leaders. From being a modest trading hub to a global metropolis Dubai’s journey showcases this transformation.

So, the secret sauce behind Dubai’s success is their leaders sincere belief in the limitless potential of the future of the country, thus investing more in terms of finance & efforts.

With its visionary leadership, Dubai not only promises growth but a journey towards greatness.

What makes Dubai the Golden Key to Global Business Expansion?

Dubai is just like a bridge that connects two vast lands. So, its more like a strategic bridge between the bustling West and the dynamic East.

Dubai has the best location in the world, which not only offers tourism but provide trading opportunities in different domain to billion foreign investors.