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Explore Middle Eastern Cuisines while on a trip to Dubai – Top Dubai Food Guide in 2024

29 Apr 2024

Explore Middle Eastern Cuisines while on a trip to Dubai – Top Dubai Food Guide in 2024

All those who are planning to visit the most luxurious middle east country, Dubai, we have listed some of the best restaurants in Dubai for you, irrespective of whether you are more into casual dining, fine dining or even if you are on a tight budget.

Do not worry, we have got you covered. No matter if you are a foodie or not, Dubai cuisine will leave you wanting for more as it offers variety of fusion to choose from be it Arabic, Iranian or Lebanese cuisine.

While you are in Dubai, it will be impossible for you to avoid the appetizing flavours that the city’s food got to offer you. The tempting aroma of the mouth-watering Dubai cuisines will definitely give you a foodgasm.

Dubai ensures that no matter whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, it is bound to leave you satisfied & craving for more. As it offers a variety of cuisines from all around the world to choose from, you will be spoiled for choice.

Well-known for its delightful and diverse cuisine, Dubai cater the needs of all its tourists by offering them a variety of regional, traditional and international dishes.

The middle east culture could be witnessed in the city’s culinary as it has something to relish on for everyone introducing different blend of aromas, flavours, textures and spices right from the falafel of Lebanon to the sticky date pudding.

With a combination of both vegetarian and meat-based dishes, Dubai’s cuisine are full of herbs, comprising of Iranian, Lebanese and even Indian flavours; making it healthy and flavoursome.

List of Best Food items in Dubai 2024

The Lebanese Platter - Falafel With Hummus:  Trying this lebanese cuisine falafel with hummus in Dubai will leave your taste buds wanting for more as it is a combination of both deep-fried veggie balls and creamy mashed chickpea dipped in creamy hummus and olive oil & is served with a pita bread and healthy salad making it a perfect match.

Best Places To Try in Dubai:

  • Mezza Lebanese Kitchen
  • Falafel Alkofiya - Alseef Branch
  • Zaatar w Zeit - Sheikh Zayed Road
  • Operation Falafel
  • Aroos Damascus Restaurant
  • Sultan Dubai Falafel
  • Desi Chaat - Falafel & Shawarma
  • Pita Greek
  • Falafel Al Zaeem in Jumeirah
  • Foul w Hummus Restaurants.

Luqaimat – The Ultimate Eid Feast: It is a popular Arabic dish which means small bites made of sweet dumplings that are soft from inside & crispy from outside. It is the Middle east traditonal cuisine mostly prepared on festive occasions like Ramadan, Eid al-Fitr, Eid al Adha, weddings, etc. Served with sticky date sauce or maple syrup &  sprinkled sesame seeds on the top.

Best Places To Try in Dubai:

  • Bait Al Kanafa Traditional Foods Dubai
  • AlBait AlQadeem Restaurant
  • Zam Zam Mandi Restaurant
  • Al Fanar Restaurant and Cafe
  • HumYum
  • SMAT Resto-Cafe
  • Arabian Tea House Restaurant
  • Siraj
  • Global Village

Knafeh – The Arabic Sugary Goodness: Yet another traditional middle eastern dessert, Knafeh, is an indulgent sweet dish made of round pasrty, coated with cheese & dipped in sugar syrup. To give it an Emirati fee, Knafeh is garnished with pistachios & sprinkled with rose water.

Best Places To Try in Dubai:

  • Ibsais Sweets – Jemeirah 3
  • Something Baked – JLT & Business Bay
  • Zaroob – Trade Centre, Dubai Marina & Motor City
  • Nablus Kunafa – Al Seef
  • Al Baba Sweets – Al Wasl & Al Barsha
  • Wafi Gourmet – Wafi Mall, Dubai Mall, & Jumeirah
  • Feras Al Diyafa Sweets – Various  locations
  • Turkish Village Dubai
  • Czn Burak Dubai
  • Ila Restaurant & Cafe
  • Al Sultan Sweets, Project Kunafa
  • Qwaider Al Nabulsi Sweets – MURAQQABAT
  • Awani


Machboos – An Authentic Bedouin Delicacy: One of the traditional foods in Dubai, Machboos is a tempting combination of spices, meat & rice and is prepared differently across the Persian Gulf Region.

In Dubai, it is prepared steadily in a coal pit or an oven with complete attention & enthusiasm.

Best Places To Try in Dubai:

  • Al Fanar Restaurant & Cafe
  • SMAT Resto-Cafe
  • HumYum
  • Seven Sands
  • Siraj Restaurant
  • Al Mashowa
  • Nahash Restaurant
  • Zaroob
  • Cello Restaurant

Al Harees – The City’s Best Emirati Traditional Cuisine: It is one of the most popular traditional Dubai food which takes hours to be prepared & is made of chunks of meat, spices, herbs & melting butter, texture is just like that of oats or cereal.

Best Places To Try in Dubai:

  • Hareez Al Waldha
  • Harees Al Fareej
  • Seeraj
  • Al Fanar Restaurant
  • Aseelah
  • Sikka Cafe
  • Al Mashawi Al Halabya
  • Al Barza Restaurant and Cafe
  • Mahalabia – Emirati Style Milk Pudding

Mahalabia or Muhallabia: Prepared with flavoured rose, rice flour, milk and orange blossom water it is a light mouth-watering dessert of the middle east, which is usually served cold. It is always on the top lists of the tourists travelling to Dubai.

Best Places To Try in Dubai:

  • Pitaya Thai Street Food
  • CE LA VI Dubai
  • Al Hallab
  • Al Fanar Restaurant
  • Mezza House Restaurant
  • Awani
  • Zahr El Laymoun Alasly
  • Local House Restaurant

Camel Meat – Dinner in Omani Style: People from all across the globe travel to Dubai especially to try the camel meat as it is considered as one of the best food in the Middle East. Contemporary chefs are frequently trying their culinary skills by preparing different dishes made of camel meat. Camel meat is usually prepared with flavourful rice and is tender & buttery.

Best Places To Try in Dubai:

  • Local House Restaurant
  • Najd Palace Restaurant & Kitchen
  • Siraj Restaurant
  • Zaman Awal Restaurant

All those who are completely foodie, will enjoy their trip to the fullest in Dubai as the city caters to everyone’s needs. Even though Dubai is known for its royalty & luxury, you can still explore affordable food options in the city. The best part is that the adequate quantities of the dishes make each penny worth it.

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