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Same Day Dubai Visa Extension along with New Rules – 2024

29 May 2024

Dubai is the most popular tourist destination all around the world & travellers across the globe look forward to explore the city due to which UAE visit visa is in great demand.

Every year, the authorities in Dubai update visa rules occasionally in order to deal with the situation of increasing number of visitors so that it becomes easy for the tourists to get their visas extended whenever they want.

Moreover, no matter whatever the purpose of your trip to Dubai is, such as visiting your friends or family, study purpose, business or leisure trip it is recommended to gather all information regarding the number of days, types of visit visa & the visa fees.

Advantages of Dubai Visa Extension

Tourists need to clearly understand the concept of Dubai visa extension, which will help them for their smooth UAE trip in the future:

  • Dubai visit visa extension helps the visa holder to extend their trip in the city & spend more time so that they get to explore the city as per their convenience.
  • Tourists can make appropriate changes due to the availability of the Visa Extension services.
  • Dubai Visa Extension services are beneficial for entrepreneurs on business trips to the city as they can carry on with their work without any explication.
  • One of the best advantages of Dubai Visit Visa extension is that it exempts tourists from paying fines in case they have extended their stay in the UAE no matter whatever the purpose of visit is, it can be easily extended.

Let us now look at Updated Rules of Dubai Visa Extension - 2024

  • It has been announced by the Dubai Authority ICP that travellers can easily extend or cancel their Dubai Visit visas through an online account.
  • Furthermore, tourists can now extend their visa within the country for 30 days without leaving the country.
  • Tourists are not required to Exit Or Re-Enter Dubai in order to get their visas extended, the only thing is that they need to get in touch with their Visa Agency or Travel Agent.
  • Tourists can get their visas extended twice i.e., after 30 days, in order to acquire  90 Days Dubai Visit Visa.
  • Tourists are not allowed to get their visas extended upto a certain period of time, i.e., a maximum of 120 days.
  • The Dubai Visa on arrival has validity & it could be further extended upto 30 days without leaving the country.
  • The officials in Dubai has increased the cost of the Dubai Visa Extension for the year 2024 & in order to get complete information on this you can contact us at

Legal Documents Mandatory for the Application of  Dubai Visa Extension

An extension of Dubai visa also requires certain legal ducuments just like visa applications. Mentioned below are important documents required for the extension of Dubai visa in the year 2024:

  • Existing visa copy.
  • Scanned passport copy, front & back with a valdity of 6 months.

Tips to Avoid Exiting Dubai for a Visa Extension

  • The best advice is always get your visas extended or renewed before the expiry date.
  • Immediately contact your Travel Agent for Visa Extension

Procedures to follow for the Extension of the Dubai Visa

  • Contact your Visa provider, assist them with your passport number, existing visa & other mandatory details.
  • Hand over all the required Documents.

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Penalty for Overstaying your Dubai Visa in the year 2024

In some cases, wherein tourists did not get their visas extended & are still staying in UAE will have to pay a penalty of 350 AED on the first day & 50 AED from the second day of the expiry date.

Indian Passport Holder have an easy access for Dubai Visa Extension

In order to avail the Dubai visa extension services, Indian passport holders  are required to go through the following procedure:

  • There are Amer centres that are located all over Dubai
  • Online Dubai Visa Agency or Travel Agent
  • GDRFA Headquarter

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